2006 was the final year of Merck releases. We released 51 cds and 50 vinyls over 7 years, from Jan. 2000 to Jan. 2007. There will be no more new releases. We have many reasons for this, but we will just say it was time to move on. The remaining stock that is still in print will be available through our mailorder, but there will be no more represses. We thank EVERYONE who has supported us over the years, you all made this possible.

You can purchase digital MP3 versions of Merck albums through places like CDBaby, Itunes, Emusic, etc.

Merck Radio is down. If you want to help set up a 24/7 streaming radio of Merck material, get in touch.

By popular demand I have started a blog to write about music, merck history/trivia, art, life, etc. Check it out here.

Contact us at: m3rck (at) m3rck.net